stephen zamulinsky owner and founder of Drone One

Stephen Zamulinsky

Chief Pilot/Owner Operator

Stephen Zamulinsky is the Chief Pilot at DroneOne, overseeing all flying activities and business development. Stephen has a Sport Private Pilot license and Remote Private Pilot license issued from the Federal Aviation Administration.  Stephen graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Science with a focus in aeronautical engineering and aerospace management. As an Undergraduate student, Stephen attended Pennsylvania State University where he earned a degree in Business Finance. Prior to forming DroneOne, Stephen held positions within an airport/airline operation and aerospace engineering environments.

Stephen’s qualifications include hands-on experience on various types of machinery, motorcycles, personal-watercraft, automobiles, and construction equipment, both as an operator or in an inspection/technician. These duties include repair, restoration, maintenance, and overhaul. Stephen has a strong background in mechanical systems and advanced knowledge in engineering systems. He specializes in critical thinking and analytical troubleshooting the decomposition of complex problems, into smaller, more manageable, scalable solutions.

Stephen enjoys bridging the gaps between complex multi-disciplined environments and his past education and experience have allowed him to develop a strong technical, business, and communication acumen.

Stephen is the father of two young boys, Stevie and Dan Bug, and enjoys tinkering. He’s been aptly nick-named “motor” by his wife’ grandfather Pete.